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Component designators on multi-pcb projects
1006 1 Mar 23.2019, 12:05:02

I am currently working on a project that goes over multiple PCBs for the first time and realised that i don't know what the "standard" or best practice for component designators over two (or more) boards. Do designators start over on each board, do they have like an earlier designator (i.e. board one R001- R099, board two R101-R199, etc)?

The boards are going to be panelized and sent off to a pick and place in china, so how would it work if you had two boards with designators that start again?

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Mar 27.2019, 09:40:35

It is also not a problem with pick and place machine what ever your approach.

But going with continuous designation approach is better for BOM management(inventory), Diagnosis etc. Since in every case you need to consider any component with the whole schematic. it leads to less confusion.

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