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Aluminum/MCPCB suppliers?
487 1 Jan 09.2020, 17:38:16

Hey guys,
Anyone have personal experience with any MCPCB suppliers? I'm designing a board that really needs good thermal conductivity. I still have to do some thermal measurements, I ordered the last board but seemed to not /really/ be a proper, thermally conductive MCPCB. As far as I can tell, it's a thin layer of FR4 glued to an aluminum baseplate (if this is actually how some of the thermally conductive baseboards are, I'd like to know--I'd assumed it'd be something white and without fiberglass reinforcement, being ceramic filled). This particular supplier couldn't provide data on what baseboard material they even used or where it came from.

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Jan 15.2020, 10:25:12

If the supplier can't supply you with any definitive heat dissipating specifications, then you cannot rely on it.
Other options for better heat dissipation are:
1/ Specify 3oz copper instead of the usual 1oz;
2/ Open up the bottom layer tracks/bottom layer heat sink areas so that they are covered with solder during wave soldering;
3/ Open up the top layer solder mask & paste screen for tracks & heat sink areas so that these areas will be filled with solder paste. This will increase significantly the heat dissipation. Specify a 8 thou paste screen & if your board areas are quite large, consider a "grid arrangement" within the screen to prevent large bubbles forming during the infrared reflow process.

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