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What conditions do PCB need to meet from the industry standards?
223 0 Nov 07.2022, 13:42:03

The PCB industry has developed for such a long time, and now there are some new changes in PCB design. One is more miniaturization, which is mainly driven by the portability requirements of smart devices; the other is the transformation of PCBs from traditional rigid boards to rigid-flex boards. And when the PCB is moving towards the high-end, there are two main aspects, one is that the data carrying and transmission rate are getting higher and higher, and the other is that for smart home and wearable devices, the demand for HDI is becoming more and more obvious.

Users' requirements for PCBs are also getting higher and higher. Experts say that higher speed, smaller size and faster time to market are both challenges and opportunities for PCB design. For customers, on the premise of meeting performance indicators, it is better to have a faster design delivery time.

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