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Upverter to assembly and a couple issues I had
945 1 Sep 11.2019, 01:15:32

I'm writing this to describe some issues that I ran into when going from a design to having it assembled. 

  1. Keep your refdes labels. If you delete them in Upverter for whatever reason, the software won't ever let you add them again. That means you'll need to add a label manually. It also means that Upverter might rename your component, from maybe U1 to U2 for whatever reason. If this has happened to you, you'll need to double-check your manually created refdes labels to make sure they match with what Upverter is tracking them as. This matters when it comes to assembly, so that everyone is referring to the same component at the right place. 

  2. The same as above, but with the little dots that indicate the orientation for your component. If you delete them, Upverter has no option to re-create the dot. You'll need to add your own version, either through a large font and character (a 2000 font size `period` for example), or a polygon fill or something. 

  3. Upverter's BOM export won't give your the right capacitor values. It uses scientific notation to notate the value which isn't what anybody recognizes. As an example, Generic Capacitor (Non-Polarized) (1e-07F) is what Upverter shows as a 0.1uF capacitor. You will need to manually fix it

Those were the main issues I had. 1 and 2 were my fault, but 3 is something everyone will have to take care of. 

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