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PCB as a key electronic interconnection of electronic products
59 0 Nov 24.2022, 16:35:05

The thickness of the rigid PCB board is different from that of the flexible PCB board, and the flexible PCB board can be bent. Common thicknesses of rigid PCBs range from 0.2mm, 0.4mm, 0.6mm to 2.0mm. The common thickness of flexible PCB is 0.2mm. HDI is a high-density interconnection circuit board. HDI vias have blind holes or buried holes. The processing technology used is micro-blind buried holes and laser drilling, with high processing accuracy and low cost. The ordinary circuit board drilling is mainly mechanical drilling, and only through holes make the internal connection of each layer of circuit.

As a key electronic interconnection of electronic products, PCB connects many upstream and downstream industries. Upstream industries: copper foil, copper foil substrate, glass fiber cloth, resin and other raw material industries; downstream industries: electronic consumer products, automobiles, communications, aerospace, military and other industries. Midstream base material: mainly copper clad laminate (CCL), which is made of copper foil, epoxy resin, glass fiber yarn and other raw materials. The PCB industry chain is long, and special wood pulp paper, electronic grade glass fiber cloth, electrolytic copper foil, CCL (copper clad laminate) and PCB (printed short-circuit board) are closely connected and closely related upstream and downstream products in an industrial chain.
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