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I/O Connectors
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I/O Connectors


I/O, the abbreviation of input/output, refers to input and output ports. Each device has a dedicated I/O address to handle its own input and output information. An I/O Connector is an electrical connector providing secure electrical contact and smooth cable insertion/extraction for electronic data communication. It features a variety of orientation options, as well as PCB and cable mount offerings. I/O connectors are easy to install without requiring wire termination and soldering process.


An I/O connector contains terminal blocks with contacts. The terminals feature copper alloy contacts that increase conductivity and ensure a highly reliable connection function. A latching mechanism prevents the cable from being pulled out of the micro I/O connector.


The main advantage of I/O connectors is space-saving. They are used in industrial communication systems, and motion and drive applications. Its durability and locking construction make it suitable for applications in harsh environments such as heavy manufacturing facilities and industrial machinery including lathes and PLCs.

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