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Circuit Protection
286 0 May 07.2022, 11:10:26

Circuit protection is mainly to protect the components in electronic circuits from being damaged under overvoltage, overcurrent, surge, electromagnetic interference, etc. With the development of science and technology, power/electronic products are increasingly diversified and complicated. The circuit protection components used are not the simple glass tube fuses of the past. Usually, the protection devices include varistors, TVS, and gas discharge tubes has developed into a wide range of emerging electronic components field. A practical simulation to circuit protection can be simulated using fuse at DCACLab .

With the complexity of modern electronic products, the requirements for the use of protection components are also increasing, such as comprehensive protection, limited reserved space, etc. With these requirements, the protection component industry has set off a wave of combined packaging. As mentioned above, the overcurrent and overtemperature protection is also a kind of combination package, but most of the overcurrent and overvoltage protection combination package products are still in the research and development stage, and there are no mature commercial products on the market. 

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