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Amplifiers ICs
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Amplifiers ICs


Amplifiers ICs are compact packages composed of active and passive devices that boost the voltage or current levels of a signal. The active components include transistors and three-terminal semiconductor devices that are capable of current gain, where a small change in current will produce a proportional change in the amplifier ICs output. The amplifier ICs receive the output of the digital-to-analog converter. This output is fed to another amplifier ICs until the power level is sufficient to drive the speaker. In some applications, matched transistors are required to produce maximum high-fidelity input signal reproduction.


The advancement of amplifier ICs is the result of attempts to reduce the weight and space requirements for fixed and portable electronics and equipment. Home computers with sound cards and amplifiers ICs are very popular for multimedia applications. Various electronic devices such as cellular telephones and digital devices such as computers also use many types of amplifiers ICs.


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