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How to Get 35% Off in Your PCB Order in PCBGOGO

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  • Tuesday, 06 February 2018

How to Get 35% Off in Your PCB Order in PCBGOGO?

China New Year Holiday is a traditional festival in China and longest holiday for Chinese. They will celebrate it with their family and relatives. PCBGOGO will give a big discount as 35% off for PCB orders in their website during this period. How to get this discount?

Firstly, you must register in their website and be new member, you will get a coupon which is 20USD, it can be used when you make payment up to 15% of PCB cost.Secondly, there is 20% off when you buy the PCBs in their website. Normally there is only 10% discount. So totally it is 35% off directly for PCB orders. Maybe you will ask the lead time. As we talked, China New Year is our biggest and longest festival, so if you order in this period, your order will be arranged after holiday but at first time.

Hope to do long time with you! Happy every day!

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