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A board that fixes an Construction fault on a Silabs USB to RS232 module bought on eBay.
The USB to RS232 outputs only 3,3V on TX signal. But the board provides both 5V and 3.3V output for driving external Electronics. The hardware I will use this level-shifter om has also the RX signal inverted. Thats the reasson for only Three Inverter gates. I would likely used four of them on a normal USB to RS232 with level-shift, or maybe an 74HC04 SO. But I allready had these gates and the cheep Silabs USB to RS232 laying in my drawer. Next time I'll redesign and fit all in one PCB. The requirement is a small design. It will be used between a Raspberry Pi 3 and an home appliances in our labratory at my work. BTW... Thank you PCBGOGO for the high quality and Quick delivery of the PCB-boards. You also gave me a few extra boards :) and immersion gold for free.
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This project was created on 2018/1/20 19:25:01
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