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We possess a professional PCB layout team with average design experience over 10 years and full experienced of design. They master various EAD software such Allegro, POWER PCB, ORCAD, AUTO CAD and CAM350 etc. They are very familiar with the design standard and technology standard both home and abroad, and also have full experience about the PCB layout and wiring design, power supply design, SI analysis and EMC design. They have the ability to finish the whole design process from drawing the schematic to assembly.
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  • -High qualified layout engineers, with average over 5 years’experience, among which are senior engineer with over 10 years’experience
  • -Package engineer, layout engineer, EMI engineer, EMC engineer, the stone of profession
  • -Perfect process, experienced team, good technology, promised quality
  • -PCB layout, fabrication, assembly, one-stop, on-time delivery
Files needed: Schematic(DSN or powerlogic), netlist, package, structure chart(DXF), Components file, layout requirements etc.

Layout and wiring judgement: according to the design standard, design instruction, customer's design requirements and related checklist.

Layout check and confirm: provide layout file and structure file to customer for checking if the layout makes sense and confirm the stack-up program, impedance program, structure and package, also confirm the trace specification

Layout file output: PCB original file, gerber file, pick and place file, framed stencil file and structure file etc.
PCB layout capacities
The max. number of layers: 40 Layers The min. Trace width: 2mil(HDI)
The max. number of pins: 60000 The min. Trace spacing: 2mil(HDI)
The min. Spacing of BGA: 0.2mm The max. Number of BGA-PIN: 2500
The highest speed of signal: 12G(diffenential signal) The highest price of HDI: connected with any layers(ELIC)
Product category: data communication, optical network, multimedia, computer and internet, medical treatment, spaceflight, industrical control etc

Wafer type: INTEL, Marvell, Broadcom, Freescale, TI, Qualcomm, Spreadtrum, MTK platform series etc.

Design Software: Cadence Allegro/Orcad, Mentor WG/PADS, Altium/Protel, Zuken etc.
The number of pin of Single board Layout Period(Working days)
Less than 1000 3-5 days
2000-3000 5-7 days
4000-5000 8-12 days
6000-7000 12-15 days
8000-9000 15-18 days
10000-13000 18-20 days
14000-15000 20-22 days
16000-20000 22-30 days
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  • If the layout project need to be revised, it is for free when it will be revised in 10% of the whole design.
  • We will cooperate with the engineer and EQ to slove the technology problem anytime.
  • We will cooperate with the testing on hardware.
  • We won't take any responaibility if the files are not complete or not correct cause any delay.
  • We won't take any responsibility if the files are provided wrong cause any loss.
  • We won't take any responsibility if the final design file is confirm by customer incompletely.
  • We have right to delay the project if the confirmation is not taken by customer on time.
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