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PCB Design and Layout

PCB Layout is a two way process. Effective communication between you and us is key to a successful project.


We welcome your questions and suggestions.



How do we work with you:

Effective communication is the key to success for the projects.

We appreciate files and main cases through email and details on Skype. Contact information listed on the right upper corner of the sign in page. 


The files we need for PCB design & layout:

1)Schematics (.DSN and .SCH suffixes )

2)DXF structure drawing (2D drawing in AutoCAD format, used to position the device and build board size)

3)The component specification (the specification must be with the device size diagram for the establishment and physical one-to-one corresponding package)

4)Special requirements 


The software we use:

Cadence Allegro, Mentor PADS, Altium Designer and Protel


Our design basis:

Design Rule, Design Instructions, and Customer’s Requirements 


The files we can send to you:

Design source files, Gerber files, Centroid file and Designator Diagram



PCB Design-Aid & Layout Capabilities

Item            CapabilitiesItemCapabilities            
Max. Number of Layers40 LayersMin. Trace Width2mil(HDI)
Max. Number of Pins60000Min. Trace Spacing2mil(HDI)
Min. Spacing of BGA0.2mmMax. Number of BGA-Pins2500
Max. Transfer Speed of Signal12G (Differential Signal)

HDI Stages

Connected with Any Layers(ELIC)

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