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PCBGOGO Reward Points System is Online
  • Apr 23.2019, 11:00:40
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PCBGOGO Reward Points System is Online

PCBGOGO reward points system is online!

To thanks for your trust and support, PCBGOGO will provide a lot of reward points for you, and you will enjoy big discount and better service on PCB order after you get PCBGOGO reward points. 

What can reward points & GOcoin do? What’s the connection with GOcoin?


PCBGOGO reward points have a great connection with GOcoin. Our reward points are mainly in making the level of member, spending as money and deducting the Paypal fee.


1. Spend as money : 50points=1GOcoin=$1

When you pay your PCB order in PCBGOGO account, you can use GOcoin as cash with reward points.

2. Deduct the Paypal fee.

Your Paypal fee also could be deducted by the reward points when you pay your order with Paypal.


PS: GOcoin is available for PCBGOGO member with more than V2.


The direction for the reward points & GOcoin

How do I earn reward points?


① You will get 10 points after registered as member in PCBGOGO.

② You will get 1 point when you cost $10 for your PCB and assembly orders. $10=1 point

③ You will get 2 points if you keep placing the orders with 3 within 90 days. The more orders you place, the more points you will get.

④  you will get 10 points when you post your Feedback of shopping experience, articles and ask and questions.

⑤ The extra points are awarded by PCBGOGO. 


An introduction about VIP level


PCBGOGO member level has been updated. And there are seven levels for you on your rewards points, we will make your VIP level according to your points. The more reward points you take, the higher level you will be.

A:  V0-V3  

In PCBGOGO, you will be a VIP member after you join us. Now you can earn your reward points. 


B: V4-V6

When your level is to be V4-V6, you can enjoy your discount. 


C: Platinum-VIP
Platinum-VIP is highest level membership in PCBGOGO. There is BIG DISCOUNT when you are PCBGOGO Platinum-VIP. If you are a Platinum-VIP, you could check the preferential treatment via this way: My Account—Reward points—Reward points. 


1. There is no reward points limit. If you would like to be a Platinum-VIP, you could contact us: We would like to do long time and big business with you in the future.

2. There are three discounts for Platinum-VIP: 8% off, 15% off, 25% off;

3. The discount is not $5 PCB prototype;

4. When your PCB order meets the demands of discount condition, we will calculate your discount on PCB order separately.

Here is the details drawing of VIP level as the following: 


PS: Your discount is only for PCB order.

All members’ privilege can’t use with coupon together.

Some rewards points tips you need to know


1. PCBGOGO points are mainly in making the level of member, ensuring what's your rank and enjoy what you have. 
2. You will get a special discount on your orders when your level is over V3. 
3. You will get "PCBGOGO points" after you confirm your order or 30 days after shipment. 
4. We will inform you of privilege change with Email or message.


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