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How can I get $50 PCB assembly order on PCBGOGO?
  • Nov 12.2018, 10:54:46
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How can I get $50 PCB assembly order on PCBGOGO?

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Quick turn PCB assembly services

Our PCB assembly service is leading turnkey solution for PCB and assembly under one roof in China, specializing in small and medium PCB fabrication with fast lead-times and low minimum from 1pcs for PCBA.

What are the requirements if your PCB assembly order is $50?

  1. 1-20pcs PCB

  2. Under 200 components


     To get $50 PCB assembly order on PCBGOGO

  3. Create a free account on PCBGOGO website;



  4. Sign in your account in the upper-right hand corner of the site;



  5. Click on the PCB Assembly page and select “ PCB Assembly”;



  6. Place 1-20 in the Number of PCB column;




  7. Enter the components within 200 on the Number of Unique Parts;



  8. Click the CACULATE button on the right corner of quoting page;



  9. Check your message to click the “ ADD TO BASKET ”;



  10. Upload your Gerber file and Bom list, then click SUBMIT ORDER NOW;

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    If you're still having questions with $50 PCBA order, please send an email to before you complete your order and we would be happy to help you.

    qutoe now




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