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Chinese Spring Festival 2019 Schedule
  • Jan 04.2019, 18:18:59
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Chinese Spring Festival 2019 Schedule

Chinese Spring Festival 2019 is coming, PCBGOGO will have a holiday to celebrate. Our new and returning customers, we wish you a Happy New Year!

How is your order during the Spring Festival holiday on PCBGOGO?


On PCBGOGO, you can still place your order, but please schedule your PCB and PCBA order reasonably because it may be delayed. However, we will try to get the order done before the long holiday if possible. If not, the order will start after that.

What is the Spring Festival holiday?


The Spring Festival is also known as Chinese New Year( CNY ) or Lunar New Year. It’s a period of time that most Chinese will go back to hometown to have a wonderful time with families and friends, and take a short break after a workday of one year.

How long will Spring Festival holiday last?

pcbgogo spring 01.png

The public holiday duration is 7 days but different companies have a different holiday. And PCBGOGO holiday can be from 31st January to 11th February.

How important is this Festival to Chinese?

pcbgogo spring festival.jpg

Chinese people will get back home to reunite with families before the Spring Festival and celebrate the New Year together no matter what it’s rainy or sunny.




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